Image:Steps for Identifying Main Objectives

Step 1 Identification of social issues

We have identified social issues in consideration of international standards and guidelines about ESG and our Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability.

International standards and guidelines referred to FTSE Russell ESG Ratings, GRI Standards, SASB Standards, SDGs and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Step 2 Mapping of social issues

We mapped social issues on the two key coordinate axes of the stakeholder perspective and the perspective of the Group.We then narrowed down issues with a high priority level by referring to the opinions of outside experts. Image:Mapping of social issues

Step 3 Deciding on main objectives

The Executive Committee approved main opjectives.Going forward, under the Structure for Sustainability Promotion , it will work to establish more concrete key performance indicators (KPIs).

Step 4 PDCA management and reviews on main objectives

During the FY2021, the Sustainability Committee reported on and reviewed progress. Furthermore, we will conduct ongoing reviews while addressing international social issues, changes in the business environment, while conducting dialogues with internal and external stakeholders such as investors, business partners, local communities and employees.