Our Business

Communication, business, entertainment, and others.
Various scenes of our daily life are supported by software.

Any experiences of trouble like below?

The screen suddenly blacked out during gameplay! All the saved data has been lost.

Almost finishing the operation of money transfer by Internet banking, an error screen was displayed! The transfer processing could not be done.

The delay of the flight occurred by a sudden failure of the airline's system. I miss the important business meeting with clients.

My compupter got freezed when I was printing the meeting materials and nobody could fix it. At the end, the meeting could not be hold on that day.

Digital Hearts Holdings is a
testing solution provider
to specialize in finding "bugs"
in such software.

Our Business Model

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  Define Requirements   This process summarizes the functions and other requirements required of the system to be developed, and serves as the foundation for system development.
  Design   This process designs the system configuration specifically, it is decided to design the interface and the mechanism to realize the function.
  Program   Based on the system design, the task is to create instructions to actually run it on a computer.
  Test   The process is to verify that the software is operating normally while operating it and to report the results of the check.
  Release   The fault is corrected based on the test results, and the product is completed.
  Maintain and Operate   It is operated at the user's location where it is introduced, and maintenance is carried out regularly.

Features of Our System Testing Service

Point1Final Step to Ensure the Quality and Safety of Products and Services

We detect fatal defects by conducting various tests from all aspects, such as functional aspects, usability, and safety, before releasing products and services. Till now, we have detected more than 2 million defects and have supported the improvement of the quality of products and services of more than 2,000 companies. We are a kind of the final step in protecting the quality and safety of products and services of our clients.

Point2Specialize in "Finding" Bugs

As it is hard for you to find competely all errors or omissions in your writing, software failures cannot be easily found from the developer's point of view. It is also practically impossible to detect and correct all of the large quantities of faults. For this reason, we specialize in "finding" bugs thoroughly from a third-party perspective so that client companies can focus on considering to correct the detected defects.

Point3Developing a Nationwide Test Center with a Highly Secure Environment

Lab., a testing center with advanced security environments, such as fingerprint-based entry and exit control and the installation of surveillance cameras, is deployed nationwide to ensure confidence in information such as pre-launch games and client enterprise business systems. In addition, this Lab. also includes shield rooms that block radio waves and other equipment that can be used for testing in special environments and conditions.