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Prohibited conduct

The following items are prohibited in application to use of this site.

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  5. Registering another person's e-mail address, etc., or filing false reports.
  6. Conduct that may cause damage to the credit or trust of a third-party or the Company.
  7. Conduct that offers or uses computer viruses, etc., or harmful programs, or that could cause concern toward those acts.
  8. Other conduct in violation of laws, ordinances or regulations, or that could cause concern toward those acts.
  9. Other conduct that the Company may judge at any time as inappropriate.

Website Use

  1. Except in situations where it has been clearly stated on this site, the Company does not offer any form of guarantee for content, information on this site, or for any services. There is a possibility of defects and inaccuracies within the content, as well as other information offered on this site, or services, including with information that is out of date, etc.
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  3. The Company may interrupt or suspend operation of this website without prior notice.
  4. In the unlikely event of that some form of damage is incurred as a result of the use or non-use of this site's contents, the Company shall bear absolutely no responsibility of any kind.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

  1. With regard to the use of the Company's website or operation of 'Website Use,' unless otherwise stated, Japanese laws are applicable.
  2. With regard to any dispute related to the Company's website, unless otherwise stated, the court jurisdiction of the first hearing will be the Tokyo District Courts.

Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

The Company respects the personal information of its clients and will protect it to the best of our abilities. For more detailed information regarding personal information protection policies, please check the Privacy Policy.

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