Strengthening "People, Processes, and Technology" as our business basement. Aiming to create Next-Generation QA Solutions to support the society in "DX Era."

 From this FY2022, we made a new start to further grow our businesses with two core companies, the Enterprise Business centered on AGEST, Inc. (hereinafter referred as "AGEST") and the Entertainment Business centered on DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd. (" DIGITAL HEARTS"). Under this new organizational structure, AGEST has worked to establish branding specializing in "engineers" and "technological capabilities," while DIGITAL HEARTS specializing in "games." Each business has worked to improve employee’s working environments, renew corporate’s websites and service sites, and strengthen exposure to media to improve its brand awareness. By clearly dividing each corporate culture, we have received various voices, such as ideas for new businesses or findings for existing operations from our employees. In this way, the atmosphere within our group has also changed significantly, and I feel that we have a solid foothold for our future growth.

 In AGEST, we have many engineers and marketing and sales personnel who recently joined and will lead the growth of Enterprise Business. We are accelerating our efforts to develop solutions to support quality improvement through software development as a whole, not just providing the testing service in the final process of the software development. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our businesses foundation of "People, Process, and Technology" and pursue to create the unique values as AGEST.

 In FY2022 Q2, we provided our services by leveraging the expertise of each Enterprise Business and Entertainment Business and both businesses achieved double-digit sales growth. In addition, due in part to the impact of the M&A conducted in the previous fiscal year, we were able to achieve a record high in consolidated net sales of 17,562 million yen (YoY 130.1%). In terms of profits, we aggressively invested in strengthening our businesses basement, particularly in AGEST, but increased sales result of high-margin Entertainment Business helped to boost consolidated operating income to ¥1,382 million yen (YoY 100.9%). We are making steady progress toward our full year targets. While continuing to make investments for future growth in Q2 beyond, we aim to increase both sales and profits by realizing the benefits of the upfront investments we have made thus far.

 With regards to the dividends, by reflecting a yearly profits growth plan in our shareholder returns, we have decided to increase the interim dividend by ¥3.0 from the previous fiscal year to ¥10.5 per share. We are also forecasting a year-end dividend of ¥10.5 per share, an increase of ¥3.0 from the previous fiscal year as well. We will continue to strive to further expand our business performance and return profits to our shareholder.

 We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

November 10, 2022
President and CEO Yasumasa Ninomiya