Aiming to Regrow the Entertainment Business and Further Accelerate Growth of the Enterprise Business under the New Management Structure

Under the group mission of " SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD ", our company group has been pursuing the realization of a safe and secure digital society where people around the world can live with a smile on their face. In recent years, in addition to our ancestral Entertainment Business, we have invested aggressively in our Enterprise Business, operated mainly by AGEST, Inc. (“AGEST”), and have succeeded in growing it into a second pillar of our businesses. Meanwhile, in 2023 we began preparations to Spin-Off AGEST into a publicly traded company. It was under the judgement that it is important to completely separate the two businesses and carry out technological development and growth investments through prompt management decisions as an independent, publicly listed corporate group in order to achieve sustainable growth of each business, requiring different business model and different expertise amid the need to adapt to changes in the environment such as technological sophistication and market globalization.
Both "the new AGEST Group" which intends to continue high growths with this Spin-Off Listing and "the new DIGITAL HEARTS Group (“the new DH Group”)" which intends to achieve a regrowth trajectory by focusing on the Entertainment Business are shifting shift to a new management structure from 2024, with the aim of achieving a Spin-Off Listing in 2025.

Whereas Ninomiya, who had been our representative, is going to concentrate on the management of the new AGEST Group, Miyazawa as the founder of the company and I lead the new DH Group, to achieve the rapid growth of each business by working in unison with the frontline. The new AGEST Group will, taking advantage of the expansion of demand due to the acceleration of DX, purpose rapid growth by providing "next-generation QA solutions" through strengthening next-generation QA engineers, expanding QA solutions in the development process, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies including AI. In the meantime, as the globalization of entertainment content accelerates, the new DH Group, with a stable foundation in the domestic debugging business, will aggressively take on challenges in new areas, including the development of new overseas markets like Europe and the United States and aggressive investment in new solutions represented by the development of AI translation engines and other new technologies.

As our efforts toward the Spin-Off Listing progress, we truly feel that the direction we should aim for in each of our businesses has become clear, and that the atmosphere on the frontlines is changing day after day. With the rapid digitization of society and the growing importance of third-party verification as our core business, we will continue to contribute to the digital society while continuously enhancing our corporate value through the provision of "reliable quality," as a Global Quality Partner with a diverse workforce.

April 1st, 2024
President & CEO
Toshiya Tsukushi