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Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability

Based on our corporate mission of "SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD," we have continued to grow by providing software testing services to detect game software, enterprise systems, and other bugs from a third-party perspective.These businesses are supported not only by engineers with specialized knowledge, but also by a diverse range of human resources, including those who like video games, foreign nationals in Japan, people with withdrawal experience, and people with disabilities.

Recognizing our corporate citizen responsibilities expanding as our businesses grow, we are committed to contributing to a sustainable society. To contiue to be one of the essential companies in society, we wll keep encouraging all of our employees to promote sustainability based on the basic principles outlined below.

  • Contribution through the businessAim to achieve "Society improves as our group grows." To this end, all employees have a strong sense of mission to contribute to society by providing our unique value to clients and consumers.
  • Empathy and Co-creationCommunicate stories with the empathy of society, make co-cireation with other organizations, and aim to resolve major social issues which are hard to be done by our group alone.
  • Review and ImprovementTop management makes a commitment to the promotion, reviews the results of activities, and accumulates improvements.